What is writing ?
An art, passion , or just a medium to convey your message.

In my opinion writing is the combination of art and passion which make some sense and make the way easier for conveying the message.

Writing is something that comes up with the core of the heart. Each and every written word is your own feelings that comes up with you. Anyone can become a writer as the topics for the write-ups are those only which has happened to someone someday. All you need is the courage to pick up a paper and pen, and pen down all your feelings and situation with few words. Trust me if you have true feelings then the reader will connect himself/herself to your write-up.

Writing – A way through which one can express everything what’s going inside them, what’s their perspective regarding something and much more. Writing is the easiest way to overcome yourself with what’s going inside you. Just pen down everything using beautiful words.

Writing –  A way to communicate to the world. You can have your sayings in front of the world if you have the beautiful set of words with you. Just carve your emotions then world will talk to you.  Your point of view may be supported or criticised according to what you have written.

You can write about anything but if you are writing it with your experience then no one can be a better writer than you, because those will be your true outcomes with the situation. It’s all yours.

There is lot more to talk about writing which can’t be explained. It can be experienced only.
कवियों की जुबान कलम है,

पत्रकारों की शान कलम है ,

जैसे घुमाओ वैसे घूमे,

खुद की कही बड़ी नादान कलम है ।। ”

“Believe a writer in you and you can bring the revolution with your words. ”






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